Watch The New Tesla Model S P85D Destroy The Old P85 In A Drag Race

The Tesla Model S P85D packs dual electric motors and all-wheel drive. It’s basically a Porsche-killer that can transport seven people. And it utterly destroys the previous king of Teslas, the P85.

In the video above produced by Drag Times the P85D proves its worth by destroying a P85. It’s not even a race. The publication also recently took a P85D to a dyno to measure its torque, finding it packed 864 ft-lbs of torque. That’s double what’s found in a 2015 V8 Ford Mustang. But thanks to some sticky tires, all-wheel drive system and plenty of electronic controls, the P85D can clearly take advantage of that immense power as the drag race video above shows.

If anything, the sheer performance of the Tesla P85D (and even the older P85) should comfort gear heads fearing the EV revolution. Electric drivetrains can produce immense performance and excitement.