Anonymous Leaked A Massive List Of Passwords And Credit Card Numbers

Following through on threats of a Christmas hack, a Twitter account claiming affiliation with Anonymous released a list of what it says are usernames and passwords for 13,000 accounts on Amazon, PlayStation, XBox Live, Hulu Plus, Walmart and other retail and entertainment services.

The hack additionally included credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates.The trove was linked to in a Friday tweet.

Update: CyberGhost CEO Robert Knapp says the group did not list user credentials from his service, but free activation keys. He said there is no security vulnerability for CyberGhost users.  

In addition to providing account information for online retailer, gaming and video services, the cache also includes information for a variety of pornography sites. The Daily Dot has compiled a full list of affected companies.

And just to top it off, the group included a stolen download of “The Interview.” When Sony pulled the release of “The Interview,” Anonymous claimed on Twitter they would release the film themselves. It seems the company’s decision to distribute the film in certain theaters and online in the U.S. did not deter the hackers. (As TechCrunch noted earlier, “The Interview” was reportedly torrented 750,000 times in its first 20 hours)

The allegedly stolen account information for PlayStation and Xbox Live was posted just a day after another hacker group called Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for taking the two networks out on what is likely the biggest gaming day of the year.