Happy Holidays From All Of Us At TechCrunch

As we approach Christmas, it’s time for good startup boys and girls to slack off and, most importantly, record bad lip dubs of Mariah Carey songs. Lip dubs, it seems, is the reason for the season.

To that end I called upon the startup community to send me some Holiday videos and they complied. Below you will find nearly a dozen of the best ones from around the world (including the endlessly festive JibJab garbage that burbles up like methane from a sewer every Christmas). Many are cute, some are funny, but I suspect most are heartfelt.




We at TC wish you a very happy holiday and Merry Chrismakwanzahuka. Let this coming year bring you joy, success and fun, and we hope you and yours will have a few hours to spend together in cozy camaraderie.

I can post a few more videos today if you send them to john@beta.techcrunch.com.