Apple Launches A New Tumblr Site Promoting iTunes

Apple has expanded its social media marketing efforts to include Tumblr once again, with the launch of a new iTunes Tumblr site which is currently promoting the “best of 2014” in music, movies, TV and books. The blog features “best of” videos for each category, combined with shareable GIFs, images, quotes and other content ideal for reblogging.

We’re hearing, too, that Apple isn’t just on Tumblr, it’s also an advertiser. (Update: this is not confirmed – it may be on the table in the future, but it’s not today.) However, the new iTunes blog wasn’t immediately visible in Tumblr’s ad units as of this morning, like Radar, trending or sponsored posts.

In any event, the content on Apple’s Tumblr blog has clearly been designed to be shared further by Tumblr users, with easy-access Facebook and Twitter buttons, as well as the option to “favorite” or reblog.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.42.31 PM

This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple dabbled with Tumblr. The company previously launched a Tumblr site to promote the iPhone 5c earlier this year, and at the time it was reported that Apple was also advertising on Tumblr. That site, is still live, but all the content has been removed it seems.

In addition, as noted by MacRumors, Apple also created an Instagram account for iTunes just a couple of weeks ago – a move that comes only a few months after Apple’s hiring of Musa Tariq, previously Nike’s social media head.

Tumblr, incidentally, recently began testing a new ad platform that could increase traffic to iTunes, by way of a new ad unit promoting mobile applications. The app install ads will open the iTunes’ App Store on users’ phones if they don’t have the app downloaded, or will allow users to open the app on their phones if they already own it.