North Korea On Sony Hack: It Wasn’t Us


Here is the latest twist in the ongoing Sony hacking story: after the FBI alleged that North Korea was indeed behind the attack on Sony, North Korea today categorically denied having anything to do with it. According to a BBC report, North Korea’s foreign ministry went as far threatening “grave consequences” and demanding a joint investigation into the allegations.

North Korea isn’t exactly the most trustworthy of rogue states and many experts dismissed the early references to North Korea as misdirection by the actual hackers. Now, however, many security experts think the country’s cyberwarfare troops could indeed have been behind the Sony attack and subsequent leaks. As security expert Brian Krebs reported yesterday, the investigators now believe that most of the attackers, which call themselves the “Guardians of Peace,” are indeed from North Korea, though some of them apparently now live in Japan.

At first, the Sony hack (which apparently wasn’t all that sophisticated) mostly looked like a major embarrassment for the movie studio, but now that it’s turning into an international kerfuffle, North Korea isn’t likely to admit it was behind it. For now, the fog of war surrounding this whole situation is still pretty dense and it’ll likely be a while before anybody gets to the bottom of who was behind the attack (assuming we ever find out). Given the state of the U.S.’s relationship with North Korea, we aren’t likely to see a joint investigation anytime soon, though — unless Dennis Rodman plans on running that task force.