Canary Home Security System Has Finally Started Shipping

Canary, the $250, all-in-one home security system that caught the attention of our hearts and minds back in 2013, has finally started shipping.

The device launched on Indiegogo back in July of 2013, with a goal of $100,000. By the time the campaign had ended, Canary had amassed nearly $2 million in pre-orders. After selling around 15,000 units, Canary turned off pre-orders and went head-down on manufacturing. But not before scooping up $10 million in funding from Khosla Ventures.

For the past few months, around 500 people have been using early Canary hardware to give feedback and test the device in a very closed beta. After tweaking and getting units built, the company is now shipping the super affordable home security system.

Canary works by simply plugging in and sitting on a shelf. Equipped with motion sensors, a camera, and a number of sensors for air-quality, smoke, etc. Canary keeps an eye on your house whether you’re there or not. The software is able to sense the difference between a dog, your kid, and an intruder, and send notifications directly to your phone.

The app records a clip each time the motion sensor is activated, giving users the option to help Canary figure out the difference between you and a bad guy. Plus, it gives you a glimpse into the goings on of your home while you’re gone, including your kid playing in the kitchen or your wife having lunch.

With the shipping plan in place, all US-based Indiegogo backers will get their Canary in January, along all US pre-orders that were placed before December 2014.

If you want to learn more about Canary, head over to the website here. Or check out the video below.

[vimeo 93289352 w=640 h=360]

Meet Canary from canary on Vimeo.