Jawbone UP3 Likely Won’t Ship In Time For Christmas After All


If you had plans to tuck a Jawbone UP3 under the tree for someone this year, it’s probably time to start thinking about something else.

When Jawbone first told us about its plans to release a new fitness tracker, the company wouldn’t give us an exact date — only that it was coming “later this year.” Turns out even that might be a stretch.

According to some sleuthing by Wareable, the shipping estimate for pre-ordered units has only slipped further and further away over the past few weeks. In November, it read “6-7 weeks”; a month later, it’s slipped to “8-9 weeks.”

Sad trombone.

According to comments from Jawbone, the first batches of UP3 bands are now set to arrive in early 2015 for those who ordered earliest. Those people are also being offered $40 in credit or a free Jawbone Move (usually $50) to help take some of the sting off. As for everyone else who isn’t already in the queue, you’re probably looking at closer to February/March.