Sinch Goes Global With SMS API For Developers

Sinch, the newly spun out Rebtel company, has launched its SMS API globally, offering the ability for developers to add SMS integration to their app or website in 105 different countries across the globe.

The product was initially developed under the Rebtel umbrella before Sinch took $12 million in funding to spin out the business this May. Since then, the company has test launched the SMS tool in a few countries, and today marks the global launch.

The idea is that developers of various apps want to enable their users to make calls or send messages within the app, whether they are to the brand itself or to another user. However, building that technology into existing apps and websites has proven difficult. And beyond the challenge of messaging itself, SMS integration requires deals with terminators as well as back-end operations management.

Sinch, like competitors Twilio and Layer, offers the ability to add social features by just adding a few lines of code to the app or website via the API. And not just that, but Sinch users can also offer in-app calling to their developers through the new API.

Sinch has seen 6,000 developer signups since May, with 4 billion minutes of calls made on the platform.

If you want to check out the Sinch SMS API, head over here.