The ToneWoodAmp Blows Amplified Sound Out Of Your Guitar’s Sound Hole

Are you ready to amp up your acoustic guitar to the MAXXXX? The ToneWoodAmp has got you covered. This surprisingly cool Kickstarter project is essentially a speaker that takes the sound coming in from your acoustic guitar, modifies it, and then reproduces it automatically so you can hear it out of the guitar body. It’s great for folks who might not have access to effects pedals or a PA system and for buskers or live players who are looking for an interesting way to modify a standard guitar.

The amp connects to the back of your guitar and the sound reverberates through the body. It has a number of inbuilt effects including tremolo an reverb and you can even run the sound through an iOS device to use software filters and effects.

The amp costs $110 for early bird backers and will eventually retail for $199. The team has working prototypes so far and it looks like it’s going to ship in June.

While most guitarists already have a bank of pedals and effects they use, having this attached to an acoustic guitar seems like an interesting solution for gear heads. The kit connects to your guitar using magnetic rails that are mounted inside the guitar. This means it can be removed as necessary and won’t destroy the outside of your guitar. As TechCrunch’s resident SHRED MAETERXXXTOTHEMAXXX I’m actually curious how this sounds and how it works outdoors. Who knows, the next busker you meet may be able to truly SHRED a little Stairway next to the Cold Stone using electronic effects and an old Fender.