This Guy Took 4 Leafblowers And A Skateboard Deck And Turned Them Into A Wonderfully Goofy Hoverboard


Want the experience of a kinda-sorta-hover-board, but don’t have $10,000 and a copper halfpipe laying around?

Fret not! As Texan Ryan Craven proves, you can pull off something of a similar vein with four gutted leafblowers, a sheet of plywood, and some gorilla tape.

The disclaimers here are the same as the rest of the “hoverboards” of 2014: it’s neat, but it’s not going to turn you into Marty McFly. Without any sort of friction between you and the ground, you’re not so much steering the board as you are standing atop it as it glides wherever the hell it wants. With that said, I’d totally ride this thing until the batteries were dead and/or I fell off and broke both my wrists.

Whereas the Arx Pax Hendo uses a damned clever magnetic propulsion system to keep itself afloat, this one uses a pocket of air trapped inside a shower liner. Whereas the Hendo roars to life as it battles gravity, this one makes an endless series of fart noises. We’ll call it a draw.

Ready to make your own floaty fart machine plywood hoverboard? Grab your safety goggles and head over here for the instructions.

[via engadget]