SendVid Makes It Easy To Upload And Send Video

The folks that brought you Shared a few years ago are at it again. This time they’re trying to make it easy to share video.

Called SendVid, the new service is as simple as can be. You upload a video and then share it. End of story. Want to edit it? Want to add a filter? Want to add a soundtrack? Go somewhere else, bub.

Founded by Adam Oliver, Ivan Wong, and Florian Cervenka the site is in closed beta and is completely bootstrapped.

“We’ve run image-hosting services for years. Adding a video-hosting service is a logic step. We believe we have the know-how to operate a great video-hosting platform that can be profitable from day one,” said Cervenka.

The team hopes to build something like Imgur for video, allowing users to upload quick snippets on a whim, as I did below. The service is available for all and sundry now so start uploading videos of your dog doing sweet Frisbee tricks at your leisure.