Automatic Music Generator Jukedeck Wins Le Web Startup Competition

As per usual the Le Web startup competition has been showcasing a smorgasbord of Europe’s hottest startups this week, and three stood out for the judges. But out of Easysize, Naturalcycles and Jukedeck, it was Jukedeck that won the top prize in the end.

London-based JukeDeck has received a small seed funding round for its platform which literally composes original music based on a user’s settings, giving video creators, games developers and other users a simple way of sourcing music. This might be based on the actions inside a video or a game, without any human intervention. The idea is that it’s “responsive music software”. It doesn’t use loops, but writes the music note by note, as a composer would.

This means it can, say its makers, create an unlimited amount of unique, copyright-free music, and users can choose the music’s style and what should happen in the music at various points. The first market will be for user-generated videos. The idea here is not to compete with human composers but to produce machine-made music that is listenable and eventually malleable by real musicians.

Easysize is a service for online shops to decrease the number of returns of wrongly sized clothes by allowing shops to communicate the correct size to customers in the first place. The only thing a shop needs is to add a brand size, and the Easysize brand conversion tool will con- vert it to the desired brand size. Online-shops can the tool directly via the API. Easysize has raised a small seed round so far and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Natural Cycles is an app that informs a woman when they are most likely to get pregnant and, as well as when they are least likely to, so it can be used as a sort of natural contraceptive. It tracks a woman’s period cycle, finds the correct ovulation and provides them with a menstrual/fertility calendar. You wake up in the morning, take your temperature and enter that data into the app. NaturalCycles then returns a red or a green day depending on whether there is a risk of pregnancy or not. According to them a green day is 99.9 percent safe. During red days, NaturalCycles recommends the use of condoms. The app is mainly aimed at women in stable relationships, but if you are single, you can still use NaturalCycles for your just monitoring your personal health. All this said, the founders still recommend the use condoms regardless of the ‘colour of the day’ to help prevent, yes you guessed it, sexually transmitted diseases.