Twitter Expands Its Ad Retargeting To Include Data From Mobile Apps

Twitter just announced a major mobile expansion to the Tailored Audiences ad product that it unveiled at the end of 2013.

Tailored Audiences are basically Twitter’s version of retargeting — allowing businesses to target ads on Twitter at at who’ve already visited their websites, and at people in their customer database. Now, they’ll be able to target ads based on activity inside mobile apps as well.

That means publishers and developers can try to ensure that their ads aren’t shown to people who’ve already installed the app, or they could target ads specifically to those who have installed their app but never made a purchase.

Twitter rolled out mobile app install and engagement ads earlier this year, and it signaled a continued interest in mobile ad retargeting with the acquisition of TapCommerce. More broadly, we’ve written about how Facebook, Google, and Twitter are vying for the growing mobile app install ad market.

You can read more in this Twitter blog post.