Print Your Own Crossguard Lightsaber

Star Wars fans rejoice: you can now print your own lightsaber on your 3D printer and even design your own crossguard saber just like that one dude in the new movie. LeFabShop, a French 3D printing outfit, has created a set of files that can be used to print almost any type of lightsaber in any color.

The Instructable they made is a great resource for Star Wars fans and includes handles, switches, and even printable beams. It’s obviously going to require a bit of printing – these consist of a few dozen pieces each – but they’ve figured out how to let you print the entire laser beam in one piece so you won’t have to put everything together later.


You can download the STL files here and start practicing your sweet Jedi moves at home or at the office. But don’t go swinging your crossguard saber all over the place. As Spock once said: “Away put your weapon, I mean you no harm.”