These Guys 3D Printed Their Own ‘Force Awakens’ Lightsaber (And You Can Too)


Have you seen the new Star Wars trailer? Do you, like Darrell, see all sorts of design flaws in that oh-so-medieval lightsaber they revealed?

If you want one of your own to test your theories, you could wait until Disney starts slingin’ them on the shelves for $50 a pop. Or you could bust out the 3D printer and get to swingin’ today.

French 3d printing shop leFabShop wanted to give the new Claymore-style saber a spin, so they designed and printed their own, piece-by-piece. It even telescopes!

Better yet, they’ve shared the printable files on Thingiverse, so you can print one of your own. A word of caution, though: you’ll want to be pretty familiar with your printer before diving into this one. With a good 20+ interlocking/swappable pieces to print, your printer will be churning away for a while.

Is it perfect? Eh, maybe not. The clip in the trailer was dark and some details were hard to glean. Meanwhile, they put this thing together crazy quick. But to build something like this within days of the trailer’s release? 3D printing is wonderful, and the clever people who make stuff like this are even better.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go test some design flaw theories*.

* And by that, I mean “put on a hooded robe and run around my house whacking things off shelves”


[Via Gizmodo]