Hands On With Sony’s PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console

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Sony has a new version of its PlayStation 4 console going on sale soon, which is limited to only 12,300 units globally, and which comes in the original gray color of the first PlayStation hardware. The anniversary edition will retail for $500, which seems steep, but it also includes a stand for vertical mounting and a PlayStation 4 Camera in the box, neither of which are included in any of the console’s standard packages. The stand is $36 and the camera is $60 when purchased separately, so you’re actually not paying much more for the unique color scheme and case design.

  1. ps4-20th-console-top-all

    20th Anniversary PS4, DualShock 4 and PlayStation 4 Camera
  2. ps4-monolith

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 mounted on its vertical stand.
  3. ps4-20th-console-all

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 laid flat.
  4. ps4-20th-controller

    20th Anniversary DualShock 4 Controller
  5. ps4-20th-headset

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 headset.
  6. ps4-20th-console-detail-badge

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 vertical mount and badge.
  7. ps4-20th-eye

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 Camera
  8. ps4-20th-console-top

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 seen from above.
  9. ps4-20th-controller-detail-2

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 DualShock PS button.
  10. ps4-20th-controller-detail

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 face buttons.
  11. ps4-20th-detail

    20th Anniversary PlayStation top panel pattern detail.
  12. ps4-20th-detail-2

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 badge detail.
  13. ps4-20th-detail-3

    20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 limited edition numbering.
  14. dualshock-detail

    20th Anniversary DualShock controller touchpad detail.

There’s more than just a different paint job here, too – the surface of the PS4, as well as the surface of the included original gray-colored DualShock 4 controller both include finely textured patterns that use the PS button shapes, along with the number 2 to commemorate the anniversary. In person, both of these subtle touches help contribute to the overall magic of the package on the whole, as does the swank black and white limited edition packaging.

Sony’s putting these up for sale via pre-order on Saturday, December 6, and interested potential purchasers can tune into their PlayStation Experience keynote live at 10 AM PT on that day to find out exactly when. Sony’s PS Experience is a debut event it’s holding in Vegas this weekend, and which it’s using as a platform for new game announcements from a number of its developer and publishing partners, including the leaked Super Street Fighter V. The Capcom fighter will be a PC and PS4 exclusive, it was revealed by a trailer that went live ahead of schedule briefly earlier today.