Watch A Tech Blogger Play Against Charli XCX In Just Dance 2015

The wonderful Charli XCX stopped by TechCrunch HQ this morning for a quick interview and a round of Just Dance 2015.

We chatted about how her use of social media has evolved since she started promoting her music on MySpace as a teenager in the mid-2000s. Charli says she basically lives through her apps, balancing her time between Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. When she’s not promoting her work or broadcasting her thoughts to her fans, she sends photos to her friends through WeChat (or as email attachments).

We wrapped up her visit by playing “I Love It” by Icona Pop and Charli on Just Dance 2015 for the Xbox One. She’s played the game a couple of times (much of her direct involvement in the game was designing the level and character for “Boom Clap,” which will arrive as a paid download in January) while I haven’t played a dancing game since Dance Central came out on the Xbox 360. I’ll let you be the judge: who danced it better, the lanky tech blogger or the actual pop star behind the song?