App Annie Now Tracks App User Demographics, Sentiment And More

App Annie is again expanding its core line up of mobile app analytics services with today’s launch of a new Audience Intelligence product that helps app developers better understand their user’s demographics, preferences and, starting next year, sentiments – as indicated by user reviews. The company already offers a Store Intelligence service that tracks trends across the app market as a whole, and the new product will serve as an extension to that.

To give you a sense of what App Annie’s Intelligence product can offer developers, the company released a few interesting stats. For example, in the U.S., two-thirds of iOS Travel apps were downloaded by men for the 12-month period ending September 2014, says App Annie. The split was even more heavily skewed towards males when looking at on-demand transit apps like Lyft, Uber, Easy Taxi and others.

Two-fifths of the Travel app category’s downloads coming from those aged 35 and over. Weather apps were also downloaded frequently by older audiences, with half of the downloads coming from people aged 35 and over.

Meanwhile, sports apps, including ESPN SportsCenter, Yahoo Sports, and others, saw over three-fourths of downloads coming from men.

Downloads in the Photo & Video category, including Instagram, Snapchat and others, on the other hand, were driven by women.

These are some of the statistics the new Intelligence product was able to provide, but it is meant also to drill down into individual apps. Customers will be able to view detailed demographics of users by app, country, month and store; metrics like gender, age, and income; demographic trends and benchmark data; app preference data and lists of related apps; sentiment data and more.

Obviously, if you’re an app developer, getting a handle on user demographics data is of value as you make changes and add features to your app, or, even more importantly, market that app on places like Facebook where you can more narrowly target particular segments of users. Of course, App Annie is not the first to offer this sort of service – companies like Flurry, Mixpanel, Localytics, and many more have been helping developers better understand their user demographics for some time.

App Annie’s Audience Intelligence product, though, will help app publishers, marketers, investors, and others learn about their competition as well.

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The company has been working to expand its product lineup in recent weeks. In October, we revealed that App Annie was working on an Onavo-like service via a new arm of its business called Smart Sense. When this service goes live, App Annie will also have the ability to peer into app usage trends, to find out things like an app’s active users, for instance.

App Annie has become a notable force in the app analytics and market intelligence industry. The company now sees over 640,000 apps and 60,000 publishers relying on its free analytics service, and has more than tripled its revenue over the past 12 months. It now has 270 employees across 10 offices worldwide and has doubled its enterprise base year-over-year with additions like BMW, BabyCenter, Nexon Korea, Samsung, Scopely, Tencent, Trulia, and Tesco.

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Another recent milestone for the company is the addition of AdMob founder Omar Hamoui to App Annie’s board of directors.

The Audience Intelligence product is live now and those who upgrade before December 24 will receive special pricing.