Google Is Giving Inbox Invites Out To Anyone Who Asks, But Only For The Next Two Hours (Update: It’s Over)


Are you still trying to get an invite to Google’s Inbox? Did you miss that massive invite-spree last month, where everyone who asked nicely got an invite?

Fear not! They’re doing it again.

If you still need an invite, Google is doing the happy-hour thing again this afternoon.

[Update: the happy hour window is now over. You can still try the below steps, but your email might go ignored.]

How to get in:

  1. Compose an email from a Gmail address (but, sadly, not a Gmail For Work address. Those still don’t work.)
  2. Send it to between 10 am and noon pacific today.
  3. Tada!

Last time this happened, the onslaught of emails hit Google so hard that their mailbox actually started rejecting emails, resulting in Google extending the spree for a little while longer than planned. No guarantees that’ll happen this time, so be quick if you want in.