Google Inbox Team Promises Support For Google Apps Accounts, Says User Demand Sped Up Efforts


Every single time I write about Google Inbox, I see the same two comments on repeat: a good chunk of readers saying “Meh. Tried Inbox, wasn’t into it,” and another good chunk saying “If only it worked with my custom Gmail domain!”

If you’re in the latter camp: good news! The Google Inbox team promised today that support is on the way and has been made a high priority.

(Custom Gmail domains have been called different things over the years. Whether you call it “Google for Work,” “Google for Business” or “Google for Domain,” we’re talking about the service that lets you host your address through Google’s Gmail servers and interface.)

The bad news? There’s still not even a rough estimate as to when it might show up.

However long it was going to take before, though, it’ll be a bit faster now. Thanks to post-launch demand specifically for Google Apps account support, the Inbox team says it decided to “speed up [its] efforts to bring Inbox to all of you.”

To quote the Inbox product manager who did a reddit AMA earlier today:

Supporting these accounts comes with other demands and we’re working hard on addressing them so we can get Inbox to Google Apps users.
We were pleasantly surprised to see how open-minded Inbox users are to making big changes to their work email workflow, and the high demand for Inbox on Google Apps accounts has already caused us to speed up our efforts to bring Inbox to all of you. Hang tight!

Also promised: support for browsers that aren’t Chrome.