This 3D-Printed Star Wars Ball Bot Is Ready To Awkwardly Co-Pilot Your X-Wing

Today’s Fun 3D Printable™ comes to us from Thingiverse user lilykill. The model is rendered in 3D and the head is connected to the ball body so it won’t be able to spin freely. The best thing, though? The model is life-size and can be printed to be about as big as R2-D2.

Just saw the trailer for Episode 7 and thought this droid looked awesome. Can’t wait to finish it when I get more details. I still need to add more details but I just wanted to try and get the model done ASAP. The model is 1:1 scale with the head being roughly being the same diameter as R2’s.


Getting this droid to spin around your desert backwater is left as an exercise for the reader. You can download the model here.

via 3DPrint