Clime Stickers Are Up For Pre-Order, Will Tell You (And Baby) If It’s Cold Outside

I first covered Clime a few months ago when they were little more than 3D-printed nubbins. Now these nubbins have brains.

Essentially they are tiny indoor/outdoor thermometers. You can put them anywhere and then check your mobile device for the temperature. You may have something similar in your home – they used to called them weather thermometers – but older systems are far less responsive and far less compact.

The creators are running a crowdfunding effort right now and they’re looking to raise $50,000.

Created by Bart Zimny and Andrzej Pawlikowski, these things are essentially rubber-clad transmitters. As I wrote before, you drop them anywhere you want to sense – a windowsill or empty room or spooky basement – and the sensors do the rest. The goal is to create a cheap home automation system with these sensors at the base.

Eventually the pair plans to add more features including interactivity with climate control systems and notification systems that will inform you when it is, in fact, cold outside, Baby. They will ship in early 2015.