Gimmie Raises $700,000 For A New Messaging-Based, Lead-Conversion Service

Gimmie, the mobile rewards startup that relocated to Singapore from the U.S. two years ago, has raised $700,000 in funding and launched a new service to help convert website traffic into customers using real-time messages.

The startup raised $522,000 back in January 2013, and this time around its capital comes from IdeaRiverRun (IRR), a Malaysia-based PE firm that recently put money into tech site Digital News Asia.

Gimmie CEO David Ng told TechCrunch that the money will primarily go toward scaling and developing its new GimmieX product. The service segments website traffic via visitor type and a range of other factors to help assess specific audiences, their conversion rates and more. Offered via a SaaS model, it also lets customers craft a range of personal messages that are served to people who land on a webpage with the goal of engaging them sufficiently to turn them from visitor into customer/lead.

Ng said Gimmie, which also has loyalty and ad products for mobile, stumbled upon the idea for GimmeX after various partners expressed their frustration at the difficulty of effectively converting website traffic.

GimmeX is in beta now but is scheduled to launch officially next month. IRR has a large portfolio of digital businesses, and Ng said that this investment deal will see GimmeX rolled out by many of the firm’s companies.

“We believe that a data management platform and gamification are exciting and practical engines of digital engagement — hence our investment in Gimmie offers strategic value to our digital assets and our clients’ marketing programs,” added IRR chairman Vincent Lee in a statement to Digital News Asia.

Gimmie’s ad and loyalty services are focused on the Asian market — that’s why the startup relocated in the first place — but Ng said GimmeX is a global product.