Twitter Experiments With Engagement Stats Directly In Tweets

Want to know just how many people actually care about what you’re tweeting? A new Twitter experiment spotted by ex-Twitter platform head Ryan Sarver will show many you how users are clicking on the links in the updates you post, with a handy link directly in the expanded Tweet view in the iOS application. As usual with Twitter’s features, this is limited to a small sample pool of users at first, but could roll out more widely if deemed successful.

At the bottom of the tweet view, for those with this feature enabled, you’ll see a “View Analytics Details” link, which takes you directly to a synopsis of the overall interaction with said tweet, including overall impressions, and “engagements,” which includes how many people actually clicked on a link you shared, how many expanded the tweet and more.

The quick glimpse at how your tweet is faring seems like something that would be very useful for brands and others who thrive on social media success – but the question is whether they might reveal a little more than Twitter is comfortable sharing with a general audience. The feature is out-of-the-way enough that it will probably go unnoticed or unused by most who don’t care about that kind of thing, however.

Quick access to analytics without having to resort to an external dashboard is actually incredibly handy, but again, these tests don’t necessarily always bear fruit in terms of broad feature launches, so don’t hold your breath if you’re not already in this particular test bucket.