Microsoft Appears To Pre-Announce Its Purchase Of Email Startup Acompli

Whoops. Welcome to literal fait accompli.

A short, unfinished blog listed as written by Microsoft corporate vice president Rajesh Jha hit the RSS wires earlier today. Here’s what it looked like:

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It led to the following URL:

In case you missed it, the URL slug says “Microsoft Acquires Acompli.” Microsoft declined to comment.

The chance that Microsoft wrote a blog post about an acquisition that wasn’t far along doesn’t seem high. No point in prepping a post with a URL if the deal isn’t far along, I’d wager. So the Acompli deal is probably iced.

What’s Acompli? A mobile email application that CrunchBase describes as “for professionals.” It focuses on helping people find the most important emails in their box, quickly. TechCrunch most recently covered Acompli in September of this year, when it launched on Android.

The company raised $7.3 million last June. That makes the timing of the purchase hardly surprising — companies often raise around 18 months of capital. Acompli may have been looking for new cash, and found Microsoft instead.

The following tweet, now nearly two weeks old, must be among the funniest I’ve read for some time:

We’ll see if Microsoft does that.