Firefox Redesigns Its Search Interface Ahead Of Yahoo Switch

Last week we learned that Mozilla had made a pact with Yahoo to switch Firefox’s default search engine to a yet-to-be launched new version of Yahoo’s Bing-powered search experience. At that time, we already noted how easy it is to switch between search engines in Firefox and now the organization is making it even easier with the launch of a new search experience in the Firefox beta channel.

firefox_searchInstead of burying the ability to switch search engines somewhere in the settings, Firefox now puts it front and center. Whenever you start typing a query in the browser’s dedicated search box, you’ll now see a link to the search settings right underneath the suggestions.

In addition, you now get the ability to execute your search in another search engine (or on another site) right underneath those suggestions, too. So if you know you’ll want to go to Wikipedia anyway, you don’t have to do a Google (or Yahoo) search first and then click on the Wikipedia link. Instead, you simply click on the Wikipedia icon in the search suggestions box and move on with life.

By default, Firefox now features built-in one-click search for the likes of Wikipedia, Amazon (with Mozilla adding its affiliate link to the search), Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, eBay and Twitter. As with all things Firefox, it’s easy to customize this list by removing some options.