Expressiv Is An Irish MIDI Guitar With Some Groovy Light Effects, Man

Hey, man, is that a MIDI guitar with amazing internal lighting effects? Well turn it up! Hot on the heels of the GTar and the Jamstik we present the Expressive, a guitar designed by Rob O’Reilly. The Kickstarter, which ends today, sold the guitars for about $450 and aims to ship in March.

Does the world need another MIDI guitar? Sure. This model scans the fretboard to see where your fingers are and, like the GTar, it is a full-sized git-fiddle. It also has a set of infinity lights in the body so you can look like the ghost of Carlos Santana on stage.

Most important, however, is that the Expressiv is a real electric guitar. Unlike some other systems, you actually have to tune this thing and you can plug it into your amp and play without depending on MIDI. The MIDI features are an added bonus, thereby expending your potential sound repertoire immensely.

While it appears the Kickstarter is over, you can check out O’Reilly’s site here to get more details. I’d love to see this thing in action as I am a hoodoo man out-hoodooer and intend to go down to Louisiana, this guitar strapped to my back, to acquire a mojo hand. A guitar like this would surely allow me to out-hoodoo the Hoodoo Man.