Apple Co-Founder Ron Wayne Puts Apple-1 Manual Proofs, Apple II Blueprints And More Up For Auction

Apple has made a lot of people varying degrees of rich, but original third co-founder Ronald Wayne isn’t one of them. The lesser known member of the Apple founding trio that also includes Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold his 10% stock in the company for $800 U.S. under two weeks after formalizing their original partnership, and then a later check for $1,500 to forfeit any future claims on the company. Obviously, he missed the boat, but now Wayne is putting a collection of early Apple documents up for auction (via The Loop), and the estimated auction value of $30,000 to $50,000 would at least increase his existing return tenfold.

The documents included in the collection include proof sheets for the manual that accompanied the original Apple-1 computer (one of which is also going up for auction on December 11 at Christie’s), as well as a set of drawings and blueprints for the Apple II computer case (a prototype version which is markedly different from what actually shipped) and the original order form for the Apple II, not yet filled in, and in rare condition.

This isn’t the first time the documents from Ron Wayne have been up for public auction, however – back in 2011 a collection that included Ron’s copy of the original founding contract went up for sale via Sotheby’s. At that time, Engadget got a peek at Ron’s archive, which included some of those on sale at Christie’s today.