Zuck Will Do Another Public Q&A In December


Do you have a question that you’re dying to ask Mark Zuckerberg? Did you miss your shot during the live Q&A session earlier this month?

Fret not. It seems the “Q&A With Mark” concept is set to become a regular occurence.

Earlier this morning, Facebook announced that a second Q&A event will occur on Dec. 11th at 2PM pacific. Meanwhile, they’re offering up tickets to those who would like “a chance to attend this event or future Q&As” — the “or future” bit implying that this won’t be the last one.

Though there’s no clear guidelines for how to submit a question for this next Q&A, the last event had would-be questioners submit their questions as comments on the original post — and people seem to be following suit this time around.

For now, the comments are largely made up of people complaining about Facebook page reach, complaining about their question not getting answered last time, and a lady asking Zuck to help her daughter sell girl scout cookies.

You can see some of the questions Zuck answered last time around right over here, or catch the full video here.