Surprise! Bananas Do Not Make A Great 3D Printing Material




THIS PRINT IS BA — okay fine I’m done.

But for real, the kind of horrifying, fleshy-lookin’ 3D printed shape you see below is quite literally bananas. Pureed bananas, mixed with a bit o’ potato starch for the sake of holding things together.


As the latest experiment by the guys over at 3digitalcooks (a blog that focuses heavily on 3d printing with food stuffs like chocolate, or potatoes, or, as in this case, bananas), it’s… still a bit of a work in progress. It’s pretty darn neat, in theory, it’s just not very… you know, appetizing. PFT, DETAILS.

Next step: figure out how to make it not immediately turn brown. Their best guess there is to use some kind of ascorbic acid. (We surveyed people on whether or not they’d care if their 3D printed banana food was brown, and 100% of respondents said “What the hell is 3d printed banana food?” which I’m taking as a yes.)

Next step after that: figure out what the heck you’d actually want to print out of edible banana goop.

For the curious, here’s what it looks like to actively print with food stuffs — albeit in this case yogurt, instead of bananas.

[Via Engadget]