IncuBus — The Tech Startup Incubator Based On A Double-Decker London Bus

IncuBusLDN is literally an incubator and co-working space on wheels, based on a renovated, red ‘double decker’ London bus, parked close to the ‘Tech City’ tech startup cluster in East London.

The bus features a ‘Confession Booth’ – a two person meeting booth, for video conferences; the top deck co-working space with a view; and fast broadband.

Aiming at 18-25 year olds, and run by founder Rishi Chowdhury, it’s trying to address high youth unemployment and encourage entrepreneurship over college.

IncuBus plans to run two programmes – one which will be 3 months long, and one for 6 months.

The 3 month programme will be just the incubation programme on the bus without the work experience. The 6 month programme includes 3 months working in a local startup gaining experience and skills followed by 3 months building a startup on the bus.

At the same time, IncuBus runs like a mobile co-working space. It costs just £1.45 per day, to spend a day on IncuBus London, or £5 for the week. This is insanely cheap.

We took out TechCrunch TV cameras along to check it out.