Xbox One Gets HBO Go

HBO Go fans can now enjoy their favorite single-source streaming service on the Xbox One, as the app is now available (via Verge). Microsoft beat PlayStation 4 to the punch with this one, but the PS4 app from HBO is being developed, and should arrive later on.

The Xbox One app offers an experience you’d expect based on the Xbox 360 software that has been available before today, but there’s a new feature that lets you pin specific shows to your home screen for easily picking up right where you left off in the middle of a binge.

To play, as always you’ll need an active HBO subscription at one of the participating cable and satellite providers, and this is also a U.S. exclusive for now. Viewers won’t need to be Xbox Live Gold members, however, so long as they have their HBO credentials in hand.

Bringing the popular cable network’s service to the Xbox One is yet another step in making it a centralized media platform that can handle everything you need in an entertainment room.