KinectKannon Is A Robotic T-Shirt Cannon That Can Track Your Movements And See In The Dark


You can run. You can hide. Hell, you can even turn off the lights. Do what you want, but this thing will get you… a complimentary t-shirt.

Meet the KinectKannon, a semi-autonomous t-shirt cannon that can track your movements, go into night vision mode, and fire t-shirts into a crowd. It’s like T-1000‘s dopey little brother.

Built by Microsoft developer evangelist Steven Edouard, the KinectKannon is largely built up out of store bought parts — including, as you might’ve guessed from the name, a Kinect. Add a few heavy-lift servos, some super snazzy solenoid valves, and a few thousand lines of code, and you’ve got yourself a robo-cannon. All in all, the project cost around $2,500.

Given that this project deals with high-PSI CO2 tanks (which will quite happily blow your fingers/hand/face parts off if not handled correctly), this… probably isn’t the sort of DIY project most people should take on in their garage on a spare weekend. But if you think you’re up to the task, Steven is sharing the source code here.


[Via HN]