Microsoft Updates How The Surface Pro 3 Handles Wi-Fi

Microsoft released a set of updates for its Surface Pro 3 tablet today,  including fixes for the tablet-hybrid’s Wi-Fi connectivity, a part of the device’s performance that some have flagged as problematic. I’ve had some Wi-Fi issues with my loaner Surface Pro 3, but haven’t been sure if they stem from Windows 10’s nascency, or the device itself.

Paul Thurrott noted “ongoing issues many users have with Wi-Fi on Surface Pro 3” in a post today on the patches, implying that there is some level of market discontent that could be solved with the new code.

Here’s Microsoft’s description of the changes, in an entry released before the code itself shipped:

Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.3066.135)

  • Enables better throughput after waking from sleep and connecting to an 802.11AC network.

  • Ensures Infra scan list is not empty while connected to a wireless display adapter.

  • Resolves an issue connecting to Cisco 1242 access points.

  • Ensures device reconnects properly to a hidden SSID using a 5Ghz DFS channel after waking from sleep.

  • Adds customer-requested functionality to prefer 5Ghz connections when both a 2.4ghz and 5ghz connection are present with the same SSID.

Later today I’ll update my Pro 3 and see if it solves the intermittent issues I’ve been having. As an aside, I don’t meant to sound overly negative. Wi-Fi has been the only sticking point I’ve had with Windows 10 and the Pro 3 thus far in using them together. Well, aside from Windows 10 occasionally doing some thing silly, but, again, it’s preview code, so you have to take quirks in stride.

Microsoft’s Surface project brought in $908 million in revenue in the last quarter, and inched towards profitability. The company expects sequential-quarter unit volume to rise in the current period.