HackerRank Expands Its Technical Recruiting Platform To Mobile With DroidRank

HackerRank, a technical recruiting platform and former TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist, today announced it is expanding into mobile with the launch of DroidRank.

Recruiters could already test for Java skills on the service (in addition to 15 other languages). While that’s the basis for programming Android apps, being able to write Java apps doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great Android developer, too. With DroidRank, developers can now specifically test for Android programming skills that involve not just Java but also the Android SDK.

The service aims to give recruiters a lot of flexibility in how they build their tests. They can either have candidates start from scratch or upload a folder structure with a partial solution, for example. With that, they can tune their tests for exactly the kind of skills they are looking for. Candidates can then choose to either work in HackerRank’s IDE or write and test their solutions in their own IDE.

“The talent pool of Android developers and systems administrators is global, and with our open, equal opportunity platform, we’re plugging them into great jobs regardless of where they live or went to school,” said HackerRank CEO and cofounder Vivek Ravisankar in a statement today.

According to the latest data, the demand for Android developers is growing faster than that for iOS developers. Still, there is obviously also lots of demand for iOS developers and the team tells me it is planning to launch a similar tool for iOS developers in the near future.