The Old Foursquare Is Dead

The final traces of the old foursquare are being wiped from existence, as the new Foursquare is currently going out as an update to Windows Phone users.

This summer, Foursquare made an announcement, to the shock of many, that it would be splitting its long-surviving check-in app into two separate applications: Swarm and Foursquare. Swarm, which launched shortly thereafter, would take over the check-in functionality of the old foursquare, letting users keep a list of their check-ins and see where their friends are in relation to them. Foursquare, on the other hand, would compete directly with Yelp, using all of the company’s collective data to deliver personalized recommendations about cool spots nearby.

The new Foursquare debuted in August for iOS and Android, but the old foursquare lived on for Windows Phone users for the past few months. Today, that ends.

The new Foursquare is being delivered in an update to Windows Phone users today, and it will be the first time that Windows Phone users will be using the same version of the app, with the same extensive features, as their Android and iOS counterparts.

The team is still developing out the new Foursquare for smaller and larger screens, but this marks the end of the last major platform to see that little blue checkmark.

It’s the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter for Foursquare. Thus far, the response has been largely positive to Foursquare’s recommendations, which take into account your personal tastes and the suggestions of your friends to deliver tailored results each time you open the app.

You can learn more about the new Foursquare for Windows Phone here.

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