Why Does This Diamond Hashtag Ring Exist?

It would appear that Intel isn’t the only company interested in adding a touch of technological flair to the fashion industry. Bloomingdale’s is now selling a ring by a designer called KhaiKhai that costs about $800. That’s right: $800 for an 18K yellow gold ring set with diamonds. I’ve left the URL out because I don’t want you guys to be tempted.

Does this point to the high water mark in social media where the lowly hashtag has become so popular that it deserves its own bling? Is Twitter now the go-to salon for the beautiful people? Is social media now the hottest holiday present, to be passed between lovers and friends like Soylent packets? I don’t know. I just know there’s a gold hashtag out there that costs $800.


If you’re wondering if we all deserve to be destroyed by an asteroid, KhaiKhai also makes a necklace that says “Kale.” That is all.