The Hunt Launches On Android

The Hunt, a shopping site for items found on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, is now available on Android.

The new Android app will roll out with Google’s Material Design framework. For those unfamiliar, this is a cleaner Google design language that helps developers create pretty apps. It uses depth effects such as lighting and shadows, grid layouts, responsive animations, transitions and other things used in used in Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” the latest version of the Android operating system.


The Hunt is based on crowdsourced items found by style hunters who scour the web for posts of items found on popular sites. They bring these back and populate them on the site for the more than 3 million users looking to purchase.


The Android app works the same way as the site and iPhone app, connecting stylish users with looking for items they’d like to buy. The Hunt notes other elements included in the new app such as:

  • New user interface design that emphasizes hunts from the community.
  • A new shopping game experience that enables users to up-vote the proposed answers of each hunt. This will supposedly help expert hunters gain more visibility by showing off their skills.
  • Enhanced tag filters for a more relevant search experience.

The Hunt is available on Android for free on Google Play. It’s also free on iOS on the App Store.