Smart Pipe Just Might Be The Best Waste-Based Startup Video Ever


Have you been concerned about your waste? Is it full of enough protein? Full of too much weird stuff like metal shavings or cat hair? Now there’s Smart Pipe. The system connects to your plumbing and allows you to sense all of the good stuff leaving your body. It socializes feces.

The product seems to be ready to ship and is about to Disrupt! your waste stream. Amazing stuff from an amazing company.

UPDATE – Oh. This is all fake and part of Adult Swim’s late night Informercial series. And it’s also a perfect send-up of awful Kickstarter videos as well as the increasing convergence of news and PR. It’s a little long, but if you do any of this in your product – from the ring-ring-git-fiddle video music to the social media fame balls shilling for your product to the awful digital gifts you get for making poop – stop.