The $19 Spark Photon Can Turn Anything Into A Web-Connected Whatsit

The original Spark Core was a Kickstarter hit but it had a fatal flaw: you had to be a total electronics nerd to figure it out. Now, however, you can be less of a nerd with the Spark Photon.

The Photon is very similar to the original Core but it’s slightly faster and more compact. To use it you connect a sensor or motor to the core and then interact with it using a simple programming interface. The goal is to make things far easier for hobbyists, artists, and tinkerers and at $19 you probably can’t beat the price.

The team is triggering a manufacturing run when they sell 10,000 units, a clever marketing effort. If this new unit is anything like the old Core it should be a fun little thing to mess around with while waiting for the coming wireless robot apocalypse.