Google To Stop Letting Developers Use Google Wallet To Sell Digital Goods

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.43.23 PM

Back in 2012, Google launched an API that allowed developers to use the Google Wallet service to sell digital goods — things like music, or levels in a web game, or subscriptions to online magazines.

If you’re using that API, it’s time to find a replacement. Google has just announced that they’re killing it off in the first quarter of next year.

According to a notice posted on the Google Wallet developer site, devs have until March 2nd, 2015 to give their customers a heads up and implement a new solution. At that point, anyone trying to buy something through any service using the API will be met with a big ol’ 404 error.

One exception: Google notes that if you’re using Google Wallet in an app sold on the Google Play store, it’ll still work. Seems Google doesn’t want to deal with a bunch of applications breaking under what users would likely consider their roof.

It’s a bummer, particularly for those who might’ve built a small business around the API and will have to hire someone to supplant a new solution. Google says they have no plans to offer up an alternative, leaving developers to turn to something like Stripe or Paypal.