Samsung’s Gear VR Headset Goes On Sale Next Month


Samsung has good news for those looking to try virtual reality on-the-go. At its developer conference this morning, the company announced that an Innovator’s Edition of its Gear VR headset will go on sale early next month.

The South Korean electronics giant failed to give an exact date or price for the headset, though it¬†reiterated that on day one there will be software from Oculus ready to load onto Galaxy Note 4 devices (the only device currently compatible with Samsung’s headset or Oculus’s mobile SDK). That’ll include a VR-specific home screen for navigating between apps, a VR movie theater experience, and the Oculus app store.

Samsung pointed those following the keynote¬†to check out this page to pre-register to buy the device. It actually seems more like signing up to get a bunch of spam emails about Samsung devices. But if you’re really worried about getting one of these things early you probably won’t mind getting a few emails full of images and videos of the device over the next few weeks.

Here’s a quick hands-on we got with the device when it was announced in September: