Samsung Opens Simband Applications And SAMI Data Exchange Platform To Developers

Digital health is a huge new market that everyone is scrambling to get a piece of, and Samsung is no different. But like many other device makers, Samsung knows any shiny new device with lots of sensors is only as useful as the software that can leverage the data it produces.

Today at the Samsung Developer Conference, the consumer electronics giant announced that it will be opening up its health-tracking platform to developers. It’s doing that through the introduction of its Simband wearable hardware and software platform, as well as its SAMI data exchange platform.

The Simband is designed to allow Samsung to see what types of applications developers want to work on. The highly modular health-tracking product has a ton of sensors built into it, giving developers new tools to play with. As a result, the platform could help Samsung even fine-tune future products that it creates based on demand from Simband users.

At the same time, many developers don’t even know which data is useful at first. And so, Samsung is also opening up its SAMI data-exchange platform up for developers. By doing so, Samsung and all developers will get deeper insights into the types of data that is useful for digital health.

Samsung first announced the two developer products at a digital health event back in May. After six months of working with startups on those development tools, Samsung will be making them available for all developers.

Developers can apply for their own version of the Simband now, and they also can sign up for SAMI through Samsung’s developer site.