Monument Valley’s Forgotten Shores Expansion Now Available For $1.99

Monument Valley is arguably the best mobile game of 2014, and now there’s more of it to love: Developer Ustwo has let loose Forgotten Shores, the $1.99 in-app purchase that unlocks eight all-new levels. If you’ve played the game, then you’ll welcome the opportunity to jump back into the strange land of isometric perspective, a wandering princess, lovely soft color palettes and ghostly apparitions; if you’re new to the series, the new content injection will provide you with an even more engrossing initial play-through.

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The game was initially set to launch this Thursday, November 13, but someone pressed the button early and as a result it’s now available for all. I’ve only begun to dig in to the new content, but it’s already both familiar and excitingly fresh. If you haven’t played this game, no matter your level of interest in games in general, you should do so, right now.

For those on Android, you still have to wait a little while for the expansion content, but Ustwo says it should be on its way soon.