TC Droidcast Episode 26: Moto Rules With Droid Turbo And Nexus 6

This week’s Droidcast features Darrell Etherington, Chris Velazco, Greg Kumparak and Kyle Russell, and we discuss the looming Nexus 6, as well as more Motorola with the Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo. Also up for debate are the merits of Samsung’s own-review of the Gear S, which heralds a new low in content marketing, and the Chromecast’s ability to play games, and whether people will ever do that in any sizeable numbers.

Generally speaking, we’ve got lots to discuss next week with more detail on the Nexus 6, as well as Android Lollipop and how it works on phones, but email us directly if you have a suggestion for something to cover on the show.

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