Monument Valley Expansion ‘Forgotten Shores’ Arrives On iOS November 13


Monument Valley is a mobile game that’s unlike any other mobile game out there – a puzzler that has a minimal but surprisingly deep storyline, simple but engaging and rich gameplay, and characters that are easy to feel for despite the fact that you know almost nothing about them.

The game’s biggest failing, if it had one, was that it was painfully brief. The brevity actually probably helped add to its overall appeal in some ways, but it definitely left fans wanting more. Luckily, more is on the way, and it’s actually less than a week away from availability. Monument Valley developer Ustwo has revealed that Forgotten Shores, an expansion for the game, will be available Nov. 13 for iOS devices.

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In the trailer above, we hear that the game’s creators built many more levels than they used for the expansion, since they edited themselves to continue to deliver at a high level. The team also shares that the new Monument Valley content will explore different architectural styles a bit more, and also starts to incorporate ‘landscapes.’

Monument Valley’s expansion is coming to Android “soon after” its launch on iOS, according to Ustwo, and will be offered as an in-app purchase for just $1.99, providing eight brand new levels for players to explore. Believe us when we say: it’s worth it.