TC Cribs: Indiegogo’s Colorful And Crowd-Pleasing Abode

Today’s episode of Cribs brings us to the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, which is where the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo calls home.

The company has just recently unveiled a new rebrand that was meant to focus on all the many varied projects that use Indiegogo to raise money, and its office definitely reflects that eclectic vibe — and is filled with lots of unique inventions that have been crowdfunded thanks to the company. At Indiegogo HQ it’s not unusual to come across things like a gun that uses salt to zap bugs or a fully recyclable umbrella, just hanging out on the common lunchroom table. It makes for a very colorful office that seems like it’s a little bit different every day.

Check out Indiegogo’s creative and crowd-pleasing HQ in the video above.

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