Amazon Launches Same-Day Delivery In Toronto And Vancouver

Amazon is bringing its same-day delivery service to Toronto and Vancouver, giving Canadians a taste of a service that has been available to their counterparts south of the border for a while now. The same-day service requires that you have a postal code (that’s Canadian for zip code friends!) that matches its eligibility requirement, and that you order before 12 PM.

Same-day delivery doesn’t come cheap: For Prime members, it’s a $6.99 additional fee on top of their order value. For everyone else, it’s still available, but you have to fork over an additional $5 for a total delivery fee of $11.99. Same-day deliveries will arrive by 9 PM local time, and it’s an offer that might not available to commercial addresses because of their operating hours. Amazon also says same-day shipping is available all week long, unless it’s noted on the specific item order page, which is a big benefit since Canadians mostly miss out on weekend shipping, with Sunday mostly unheard of and Saturday a special, more expensive option from selected courier companies only.

I have to say that I’m actually very much looking forward to trying this out, and will probably be able to report back on its success or failure by day’s end. That said, this also means terrible, terrible things for my Amazon addiction, so please send help. Prime members like myself only pay the $6.99 one-time fee, too, with additional same-day shipping items included in the order free. Ordinary Amazon shoppers pay $1.99 per item after that first $11.99 charge, proving once again that Prime membership has its perks, and that Amazon really, really wants you to sign up for it.