One Lap: The Orange Chef Preps At Full Speed

Every industry is ripe for disruption, and food preparation is no exception. Traditional recipes are static and driven by standard portion sizes. With experience, a good chef knows how to properly modify recipes according to objectives of taste and healthiness. But this process today is driven by intuition based on years of experience cooking and learning what works and what doesn’t.

What if you could create a more interactive way of cooking using an iPad-connected kitchen scale? Santiago and his team at The Orange Chef had the insight that by combining three elements – a scale, an iPad and the Internet – they could build a new product that would allow ordinary people to rapidly understand how to cook and the health impacts of different ingredient choices. This product, known as the Prep Pad, delivers interactive recipes via a Bluetooth connection to an iPad (and by extension, to the Internet).


Fitness trackers like the Fitbit are extremely popular today, but only measure one part of the health equation – exercise. With the Prep Pad, consumers can accurately measure their calories and nutritional choices during the day, which is arguably a more effective way to help people control their weight and improve their health. The Prep Pad can be used to measure serving sizes of fruits and packaged foods, as well as assist in the preparation of meals.

Internet-connected sensor technology is coming to every corner of our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. During our interview, Santiago demonstrates his product with “the fastest unboxing ever,” talks about what it’s like to rapidly scale headcount, and explains why entrepreneurs love scissors.

Watch more episodes of One Lap here. Shooting, editing, and sound for One Lap by John Murillo. Produced by Colleen Taylor. Production coordination and creative direction by Felicia Williams. Motion graphics and design by Eden Soto.