Sketchfab Becomes A 3D Printing Repository By Letting You Download 3D Objects

Sketchfab is launching a much needed feature — a download button. As a reminder, Sketchfab is a sort of YouTube for 3D models, where everyone can upload and browse 3D models directly from your browser.

But until now, there wasn’t a lot you could do except showcase your 3D models and embed them. Now, you can download the original 3D file if the license allows it. After that, you can 3D print these objects, or re-use them in a video game.

In other words, Sketchfab is now a repository for 3D objects as well, just like Thingiverse. You can find a dedicated Formlabs gallery for example. But it could be useful to build a quick video game prototype as well.

Sketchfab supports many different 3D formats. Chances are that you will find the right format for the software you use. As a creator, you can export 3D files directly from Photoshop, Modo and Blender.

The British Museum is one of the first and most interesting partners to bring downloadable 3D models to Sketchfab. Microsoft and HTC are also releasing downloadable models.

Earlier this year, Sketchfab released the second version of its platform. The team focused on making the experience more social. You can follow, comment and browse categories.

Back in April, the company announced 100,000 models available on the platform. It now hosts more than 200,000 models. It will be interesting to see whether the 3D printing community will move to Sketchfab and adopt it.

Granite head of Amenemhat III
by britishmuseum
on Sketchfab